Decentralized P2Pool
NFT liquidity protocol
Pool NFT to Index. Receive fungible token of Index instead. Use it for instant access to united liquidity instruments:
Borrow in FUSD
From the Anyfty Liquidity Pool. Loans are collateralised by tokens of Indexes ($NFT_01).
Swap within Index
Use your synthetic tokens ($NFT_01) as a key to get any random NFT from the Anyfty Indexes.
Trade on DEX
Sell or buy synthetic tokens ($NFT_01) on FLOW DEX. Get benefits of the united liquidity.
Hold to gain
Use tokens of Anyfty Indexes ($NFT_01) as a trackable liquid investment tool.
For minute-to-minute data mining, categorisation and pricing of collaterals ($NFT_01) corresponding to the NFT Indexes under the protocol.

This approach to evaluation of NFTs provides completely automatic actions within Anyfty with high speed and predictable results.
AI and ML models
Borrowers use $NFT_01 as collaterals and get instant & automatically issued loans in FUSD from the Liquidity Pool.

Liquidity Providers deposit FUSD to the pool instead of individuals, hence earning starts right after deposit is done.
Liquidity Pool
To insure the protocol's safety and hedge any risks against unexpected events.

Driven by ANFT – governance token of the protocol. It is being used in staking for providing a security, as well as in DAO for voting.
Stability Pool
Powered by FLOW blockchain
Compatible with top collectibles
Anyfty is designed to work with most evaluated FLOW collectibles such as NBA Top Shot, Dark Country and forthcoming projects such as UFC.
Unlocks best of
DeFi practices
Wrapping NFT into backed fungible tokens (Indexing) opens access to accustomed De-Fi instruments: lending and trading on DEX. That solution is assumed to bring significant benefits for NFT holders, investors and creators, attract overall liquidity and rise the market.
Anyfty is built on FLOW. As far as it is developed as a blockchain for high-throughput, low-latency consumer applications, games, and digital assets, the emergence of new NFT projects on FLOW is inevitable and supposed to lead to wider liquidity problems among owners, which the protocol is designed to solve.
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