The first NFT Bank driven by DAO
Unlock liquidity of your digital assets:
#1: Price NFT via Anyfty DeAI Ecosystem.
#2: Get NFT-collateralized loan in DAI/USDT.
For minute-to-minute data mining, analysis and pricing of collateral NFTs.
Decentralized Network of AI Oracles
Driven by validator nodes for aggregation and verification of data provided by AI Oracles.

DAO driven by ANFT governance token is entitled for choosing types of assets eligible for being a collateral and setting the criteria electing the best AI Oracles for each epoch.
Anyfty DeAI
Borrowers secure NFTs into Collateral Vaults and get instant & automatically issued loans in DAI/USDT from the Liquidity Pool.

Liquidity Providers deposit DAI/USDT and earn yield right after deposit is done.
P2Pool Lending
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